Purrumbete Golden BearRef. no.:17395
Purrumbete Golden BearSex:female
Date of Birth:1998-11-21
Type:suri alpaca
Fleece: 31.3 Micron; 6.30 SD; 50.50 CF

Purrumbete White Opal
Purrumbete Golden Bear(SMFawn / suri alpaca)
Purrumbete Maid Marian
Price (incl GST): $1825
Mating: Pregnant due Nov 08
Golden Bear is an F1 suri female, experienced mother, and producer of ribbon winning cria. She is reliable, and healthy and due to deliver a cria in November 2008. Mated to National Show ribbon winner, Traron Artistry. A good 2 in 1 purchase for the price. Most prices listed are negotiable as we need to make room for the next round of cria.

Owner Profile
Name:Silkwind Estate
Email: wildstar@silkwindestate.com
Stud Name: Silkwind Estate
Address: 143 Andersons Road
Phone: 0364425420
Fax: 0364425450