Traron ArtistryRef. no.:132308
Traron ArtistrySex:male
Date of Birth:2004-04-21
Type:suri alpaca
Fleece: THIRD FLEECE: 25.30 Micron; 5.30 SD; 24.6 SF

Tambo Downs Titan
Traron Artistry(SWht / suri alpaca)
Traron Cherry Vanilla
Price (incl GST): $3500
Traron Artistry is a stunning phenotypical certified proven suri male. He has produced some lovely F1 suri cross progeny and all his progeny have fantastic fleece. He is an aggressive male [as a macho] yet very easy to handle and an overall great public relations animal as well as stud male. He is best suited to a breeder who wants good suri genetics and doesn't mind if a huacaya appears in the line somewhere. Artistry was awarded 2nd place as an intermediate male at the National Show in 2005 - he has won a number of ribbons since in animal and fleece categories. His suri fleece continues to lock and he is a grand speciman of a 'macho'. We are moving more to colour in our herd and therefore are happy to pass him on to another stud. A quality purchase.

Owner Profile
Name:Silkwind Estate
Stud Name: Silkwind Estate
Address: 143 Andersons Road
Phone: 0364425420
Fax: 0364425450