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I want to buy an alpaca.

Search the Alpacas For Sale database for the alpaca the meets your criteria - male or female, huacaya or suri, white or coloured.

What about a stud male to use over my hembras.

There's a range of boys to choose from.

Can I sell some alpacas?

The Profile section allows you to describe your stud and enter details of your alpacas. You can load your alpaca's image and list them for sale or stud services.

Where can I find more information about alpacas?

The Links page has some useful links to alpaca associations, messageboards and studs.

July, 2007

The Alpacas For Sale website is capable of diplaying the pedigree information for the animals in its database. To use this feature effectively you need to set up a profile for each animal in the pedigree and link them by putting the ID of the sire and dam in their profile. You can set up a profile for an animal even if you are not going to sell it, but we prefer that you limit yourself to animals that you own. This gives potential purchasers the ability to 'look' at your alpaca in more detail, including images of the sire and dam. The progeny of animals in the database will also be listed and this information can also be useful to buyers.

Example. Links in the pedigree will take you to the details for the animal on this website or the International Alpaca Registry

Wesley Hill

September, 2012 - History Information

September, 2008 - Google Maps update

December, 2007 - My first suri

July, 2007 - Alpaca Pedigree information

April, 2007 - Image uploads

August, 2006 - Alpaca Line breeding

July, 2006 - Alpacas For Sale Website launch

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